Ethan’s Birthday

We had a fun weekend on the 31st. Kev asked us to watch Ethan for the weekend. We 20140531_132519picked him up Friday which was his last day of school and also his birthday.┬áHe was all excited to tell us about school ending and moving to the 4th grade. I asked him if he had enjoyed the 3rd grade. He said “oh, yeah, except for the times I got in trouble.” I asked why would he get in trouble? And in all seriousness he told me “I don’t know why I get in trouble. There is just something inside me that makes me the class clown. I can’t help it”. We are just cracking up. Then he goes on to explain about his behavior cards. If he is good, they stay up, but if he is bad they all get flipped down. He then says “I do good all week, but come Thursday and Friday, before you know it all my cards are flipped. Yeah, I just can’t help it” He is the funniest little dude. We get such a kick out of him.
We had Maya, our 5 yr. granddaughter, who loves her cousin, Ethan,  come play and spend the night. It was hilarious listening to them talk with us in the next room.
We took Ethan to Walmart and he picked out his toys. He liked what he got. It was funny–we took them to the park to play and I bet they didn’t stay 30 min. So Ethan picked McDonald’s for his dinner as it has the best cheeseburgers and Sprite in the world. Crazy kids ended up playing for over an hour. Now explain to me how that is so much fun over the park. Kids!

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