Can’t wait

I have several authors that are my very favorite. I have read all they have written.  I wait with anticipation for the next book. So it was with extreme pleasure when I read that Greg Iles had a new book coming out. I love Greg Iles. The first book I ever read by him was called  24 Hours. It was a nice little suspense read.  I then found out the names of other books he had written. One of them has become my favorite. It was called the Quiet Game. It was set in the town of Natchez, Miss. and being a southern girl, it piqued my curiosity. It was the story of a writer, Penn Cage, who went home and got involved in solving a mystery from the sixties. A black man had been accused of setting a bomb that killed some children. It was very good and intense.
Now Greg Iles has just released his new book called Natchez Burning. It is about Penn and another murder he gets involved in. Can’t wait to finish it. And the best part is it is the first in a trilogy. I love books that go on forever. HA!! If you are looking for a good read–Greg Iles can give you that!



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