Nature view

Mark and I like to go for drives and play Scrabble. We try to find a different spot and enjoy what is around us–plus it is always fun for the one who wins Scrabble. I am 3 in a row! So last night we went for a drive and stopped on the ridge above town behind the Benchmark condos. It is a great view of the town and you can see the Great Salt Lake. Anyhow-as we are sitting there playing Scrabble, we hear a rustling in the grass. We look over to the left and there are 4 deer who are grazing quietly. 2 does, a buck with short horns, and a small little deer. Then we hear some scratching and look down and see 4 quails. Two males with their black head combs and 2 females. They were really fun to watch. As I am wrapping up the win==we see a hummingbird land on the branch of the dead tree in front of us. Amazing!! Who would have thought in the middle of town we would have experienced the joys of nature.

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