Fourth of July

Another 4th of July  has come and gone. This year I had told the kids I was tired of planning everything. It was now their turn to take over the job. Well, they do really good on the big ones–Christmas and Thanksgiving. The little ones get left behind. So I kept asking them their plans hoping they would get it. No luck!!!                                                                                       So the morning of the 4th–Mark/I get up and plan our day. We really hadn’t planned on going to the annual parade, but Maya was on one of the floats and she would be looking for Pappaw. So we go and sit thru the SAME parade as the y ear before, and the year before. You get my drift.                                                                                                                                                      But then it was funny . I sat watching this same old parade and it took on a new meaning. It may be the same of parade, but there is still pride as each person stands and places his hand over their heart as the flag passes. There is still pride in watching the city officials drive by knowing they do their best for the citizens. There is pride in the faces of the family members whose son/daughter or whatever relation passes by on a float.  And of course, there is pride in that little youngsters face as they pick up that candy that has been tossed. It may be the same old parade, but it is still done with pride. Happy 4th of July!! :)




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