Fun in California

pic20140816132209-kidsJuly 20–we left for California today. Lucas and Sarah were going to Hawaii for a week. We volunteered to babysit the boys so they could have fun. We took Thomas with us. The drive down was going good until we hit Vegas of course!! What is it about Californians that they think they have to leave town every weekend. The exodus from Vegas to head home to CA. is always a  mess. This time it was worse for some reason. It took us 2 hrs. to get from Vegas to the California border. It was unreal!! Talk about snail pace.

We finally got to Bakersfield about 9:00. Unreal. The boys were happy to see us. Matthew has grown so much. He is running everywhere and starting to jabber. It is a hoot to watch him copy everything that Mason does. HA!  We had a nice dinner with the family and then we played Cataan.  Monday morning we spent some time with Luke and Sarah. Lucas took us to a really good lunch at a place called Salty’s.  It was really a good BBQ place. We really enjoyed it. They were leaving about 1 a.m. for their  6 a. m. flight so we played Cataan and then went to bed.pic20140809145540

Tuesday morning started our week with a 7:00 wake up with Mason coming and playing in bed with us. It was so fun. Then Matthew woke up and after a diaper change, he was there in the bed, too. Each day started this way and it was perfect. Such cute little boys. We had a routine where we went swimming every morning, then rest/naptime, then we would  do something or go somewhere. We went and got Mason a Siperman (Spiderman) scooter and Matthew the most annoying musical riding toy. HA!! Mason had gotten a Batman fish tank from a neighbor so one day we went and let him pick out a fish. He picked a black  beta fish and he named him “Night”. It was cute to hear him tell Night night every night. HA!

We went to a place called Camelot and played video and arcade games. I must say Mason was more thrilled than Matthew. But we kept feeding him so he was happy. Mason got a kick turning in his tickets and getting a whistle and a tatoo of a dinosaur. Went to a neat park called the Wilderness Park. It had some really cute animals carved on the trees. It had some interesting play things, too.

We had a good week and learned somethings about having kids when you are younger.!! We got closer to the kids and learned things about them you don’t see on the short visits  when they come to Utah.  Lucas/Sarah came back from Hawaii. They had a grand time. The boys were so excited to see them. It took Matthew a minute to realize they were home, but he made it!!.  All in all it was a good week.

Things I learned: 1- going up/down steep stairs everyday is tiring, 2- watching a 1 yr. old and a 3 yr. old is tiring, 3- the boys have cute personalities, 4- they are such smart, sweet, funny boys, 5- when they have meltdowns they are tired. It is a good thing God gave us children when we are young. It makes me really happy to see how my kids are doing as parents. Sarah/Luke are really good parents. They love their kids and have fun with their kids, yet they teach them how to be good kids, too. I think I will keep both my kids and my grandkids. HA!





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