Summer is ending!!!

We didn’t do anything much since our California trip. But in September, I got a call from Becky. Bob’s nephew was getting married in San Diego. So we made plans to meet them on their way home. We decided Las Vegas was the midway point. I was excited and looking forward to meeting with them.

We met them on Monday and checked into our rooms at  Harrahs. It was a nice room and we were looking over the next street where we could see the big volcano erupt. It was fun.  We got settled in and then we went exploring. We went to the Strip and walked around. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant or the casino, but we popped into this Italian restaurant for dinner.  It ended up being really good.  We had the full deal: appetizer (garlic bread), entree (I had cheese ravioli/Mark had a chicken plate) then we had a cannioli for dessert. It was pretty good eating.  Back at the motel, we played cards and had a good time.

Tuesday morning Mark/Bob went out exploring and picture taking. Becky/I sat around our room and talked and visited. We went to lunch at Subway and met up with boys. Becky/Bob went took a nap while Mark/I went and sat around the pool and read.

For dinner we walked down to the Bellagio and watched the fountain display. It was so cool. They did “All that Jazz” from Chicago. It was really neat. Then we went to the Paris, and the Venetian casinos. The Venetian was a beautiful casino. It had the marble statues and the gondola ride. It was gorgeous. We ended up eating dinner at the Pampas. It was good. We were waiting for a table and there was a glass enclosed room by the hostess desk. We thought that must be for big wigs. But we ended being seated in the room. It was kinda funny. Good dinner–it cost us $100. Most we  have ever paid for a meal. HA!!                    We went back to the motel and another game of cards. We love playing cards.

Wed. morn we headed out to go back home. Got a phone call from  Topps  and they met us in Mesquite at McDonald’s for lunch. It was crazy. They headed to St. George and we headed home. It was nice to see Becky and Bob again. It was fun to be with them.


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